A New Political Doctrine Proposal to the Islamic World


Although the whole World calls a class of countries as “developing countries”, in reality this “developing countries” class is simply an “underdeveloped countries” class. Thus the main “clash” of our day is between developed countries and underdeveloped countries, not a clash of civilization as it is often said.

Today the main problem of the Islamic world is “underdevelopment”. Just like there is a mechanism for development, there is a mechanism for underdevelopment also. The solution to all the problems is to reverse this mechanism of underdevelopment to the mechanism of development.

When the word “development” is mentioned, it reminds many people the liberal and modern moral values of the Western civilization. In fact, this word is referring to “economic development” which is the fuse igniter of the moral values of the Western civilization. Whenever a country has an industrialized national economy, at that time a superstructure proper to that base is formed by itself. In other words; liberal, secular and modern moral values becomes dominant on that country’s law, culture and social life.

There are three main elements which reverses the mechanism of underdevelopment; industrialized national economy, education and good government. These elements are just like trivet; without one of them, it is unwise to expect from those other elements to give birth to development. If a priority must be given to one of these elements, it will surely be given to the “economic” trivet.

History points out these facts.

Elements which reverse the mechanism of underdevelopment will surely form a new culture. This culture, which will be the dominant figure of the superstructure, will of course contain the values of Western civilization. But this culture will also not be the same as the West, and shouldn’t be the same. This culture will be the synthesis of that countrys’.

The Islamic world is not focused on the main issue, economic development, for quite a while. By contrast, it is dealing with sectarian and segregationist thoughts, and violence. In fact economic development will solve the problems which gives birth to those sectarian and segregationist thoughts and the violence problems to a large extent.

Political agents of the Islamic world must focus on a new political doctrine which will have the elements that reverse the underdevelopment mechanism to the development mechanism at the heart of the doctrine. And countries must carry out internal and external affairs in this respect.

Murat Can Pehlivanoglu

T.C. Beykent University
Faculty of Law
Research Asistant

Konsept Magazine
Managing Editor